Fully dedicated to lives filled with meaning.

Every day brings a new chance to embrace life’s possibilities – to make the most of every moment we’re given. At AVIVA, we’ve dedicated ourselves to ensuring every resident at every stage of life can seize each day with renewed wonder and a sense of fulfillment. By creating communities that provide exceptional amenities, compassionate care, and a supportive environment, we empower and encourage residents to live life to the fullest.

Elevating senior

AVIVA Senior Living strives to serve seniors with top-quality services each day. From the design of our communities to the principles our people embody, our vision is as wide as our hearts are focused.

Our Purpose

We exist to provide seniors with quality housing that improves their lives – and the lives of those who love them – in as many ways as we possibly can.

What Guides Us

We believe that by delighting our residents, working together, and acting with integrity in everything we do, we will create the best experiences for those who choose to call our communities home.

Why It Matters

Every senior deserves to age with dignity. Regardless of what life stage they may find themselves in, we will always support the optimal health and well-being of our residents – helping them achieve victories big and small while embracing and sharing the joy in each moment.

Building a better way of life.

At AVIVA, we prioritize the overall quality of life for each resident —– starting with providing excellent care and then going much, much further. Everything we do focuses on quality – of our physical environments, of the services and care we deliver, and of the lives our residents lead. This focus ultimately enhances the things that become even more important as we grow older – including vitality, independence, and a sense of purpose.